Mindset expert and clinical hypnotherapist Kathleen Nightingale (formerly Balland) teaches people how to tap into their own inner power for success.  Her publications, seminars and private sessions provide deep insights into the true causes and their remedies that prevent people from achieving their goals.

As president of Blissful Publications and author of “Lose the Diet: Transform your body by connecting with your soul,” Nightingale provides information to enrich and empower people to achieve happiness and success through self empowerment.

Kathleen is a board certified clinical hypnotherapist and mind-body wellness practitioner.  A former yo-yo dieter, Kathleen has worked with clients who were previously unsuccessful in achieving their goals.

In the process, she discovered the truth about diets, and how people can achieve a healthy balance; both in their weight, and in their lives.

The Lose the Diet philosophy is this:  The answer is not in a diet pill, diet drink, diet food, or fad diet. Instead, the answer is inside of you. Yes you can enjoy the foods you love – In fact, deprivation is the worst thing you can do for your body and mind.

A great way to start re-connecting with yourself is to buy the book – Lose the Diet.

Here is what Janet Minix with Clif Bar had to say:  “I’ve lost the diet (haven’t finished the book yet) but I’m down 5 pounds since I saw you simply by connecting with myself.”

Check out the book trailer at:  www.DietFreeMovie.com

“A weight imbalance is a physical manifestation of a lack of connection between body, mind and soul.”
Kathleen Nightingale

For seminars or interviews, please contact us at: info@KathleenNightingale.com


 “Thank you for all your emails as they have helped me lose 34 lbs to date. Much appreciated.” – Selke Mantie

“Like you, I have tried them all: DIETS… until I had met Kathy and realized, was I feeding my body or my emotions? Re-connecting with myself was a big lesson for me, as Kathy’s book pointed out.  She gave me insight into this process, and pounds began to melt away without struggle. A new way of nurturing my body has been a pleasure and a delight.” Debra R. Williams

“Living a healthy life is very important, everyone knows that, but knowing and doing are two different things. For me I knew I needed to be better but it took me a long time to find my path to getting there. I had begun my weight loss journey when I had my first session with Kathy. I am an emotional, stress eater and found my session with Kathy to be very relaxing. It allowed me to work towards my continuing weight loss goals.  During our first session and additional discussions I found Kathy to be very knowledgeable about weight loss and the reasons why people over eat.  It has been a joy to work with Kathy and gain from her knowledge and experience! Thanks for everything Kathy!” – Christi H., Chandler

“Emotional eating was my ongoing battle. My pride got in the way of asking for help.  When I found myself hopeless and on my knees, I knew it was time. Asking for assistance was easier than I thought.  The right help was the issue. When I stumbled upon Kathy’s website, I had a good feeling. Eating for comfort was only part of the problem. She helped me discover the root of my actions. I now hold the tools to be happy without the aid of food. For the first time in seven years, I am at peace, my mind, body and soul are in agreement, and I can enjoy all foods in moderation.” – Renae, Prescott

“I love Kathy and would recommend her to anyone. She is very professional and good at what she does!” – Collette Lambert

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